Eschewing Sin

Repentance seems to be an evil word (or at least an evil concept) in today’s religious world. One cannot talk about what practices need to be removed from the life of another without being accused of judging…and we all know that Jesus said that you should not judge! While a further discussion of Matthew 7:1-2 […]

Every Spiritual Blessing

Paul, as he began the epistle to the Ephesians (chapter 1), wrote of how they had available to them “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ…” This begins a powerful section of scripture in which Paul enumerates several (but not all) of these blessings. The importance of this statement is far reaching! If […]

Trusting the Source of the Gospel

In our last article, we examined Paul’s warning to the Galatian brethren that they not follow after a “different gospel,” which he declared to be a perversion or distortion of the one true gospel message. After issuing this warning, Paul gave several reasons why the Galatian brethren could trust that the message he delivered to […]

The Threat of Another Gospel…

Paul, as he wrote to the Galatian brethren, warned them that there would be some who would come to them and teach something other than the pure, uncorrupted gospel message (Galatians 1:6-10). From the earliest of times, the danger of mankind corrupting the true gospel was real, and it was dangerous! While Paul was dealing […]

Wisdom Devotional: Day 11

Here is day 11 of 365 Days of Wisdom.  Remember to click on the page below to see the full size page!                                

The Call of Wisdom

As our task for the current calendar year has been to read through a large portion of the Wisdom Literature of scripture, perhaps it is wise to address the very concept of what wisdom is. This week I was reading a discussion online, and one of the participants appealed to James 1:5 with the intent […]

A Hedge of Protection…

Comedian Tim Hawkins has a bit that he does in which he talks about how many Christians pray. In the midst of that comedy piece, Hawkins talks about how many will pray for a “hedge of protection” around a person or family. This is an idea that many people in the religious world use to […]

My Feet Had Almost Stumbled…

Asaph, in Psalm 73, identified what may be one of the difficult realizations of the righteous:  Life is not fair! He wrote of his experiences, looking around the life he was living, to see the wicked and how they prospered. It was easy for him to grow envious of these wicked people, as it appeared […]

Remember to Be Thankful…

In Luke chapter 17, Jesus was approached by 10 men who were afflicted by leprosy. They called upon Jesus to show mercy to them, thus asking for Him to heal them of their leprosy. Jesus sent them to the priests, which was required for them to be able to reintegrate with the rest of the […]

Reading the Gospels: Matthew 1-3

Sometimes when reading the genealogies of the Bible we think of them as being boring, or tedious. We may question why these long lists of names are present. While we could spend much time writing about the value of these genealogies, there is one particular name that appears in Matthew’s list that is of great […]

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