Truth is not Like a Litter of Puppies

Recently, I was watching a TV show that had an interesting interaction between two of the characters. One said something to the effect of, “Maybe this is his truth. It might not be your truth, or mine, but it has become his reality.” To this, the second character responded, “Truth is not like a litter […]

God’s Justice and Mercy

There seems to be a common misconception regarding the nature and characteristics of God when viewed in the Old Testament as opposed to the New Testament. Many seem to believe that the God of the Old Testament was a vengeful, punishing God, bent only on justice. They also believe that the God of the New […]

Letting Worldly Thinking Into Our Families…

***I started to write this as a simple Facebook Post, but it got too long. It is not the normal type of writing, or format that I usually try to use, but I thought I’d make these thoughts available to any who might be interested.  I am sure this post will draw a lot of […]

Remember to Be Thankful…

In Luke chapter 17, Jesus was approached by 10 men who were afflicted by leprosy. They called upon Jesus to show mercy to them, thus asking for Him to heal them of their leprosy. Jesus sent them to the priests, which was required for them to be able to reintegrate with the rest of the […]

“But My Church Teaches…”

Many Bible studies end in disagreement, with one participant declaring: “I see what you are saying, but my church teaches…” I have heard such declarations when it comes to obedience, roles in the church, work of the church, and many other topics. In such cases, the church is set forth as a source of authority. […]

Jesus Is My Lord!

In today’s world of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), it is easy to have a shallow faith. Every day we read posts from various people declaring their faith in Christ through attractive slogans, pictures with catchy captions, and quoted verses often without any context. Unfortunately, for many people this type of superficial faith is […]

Memorial For John William Daines (Pappy)

I would like to introduce to you, at least a bit, my grandfather, who passed away last week and was laid to rest yesterday. These are the thoughts that I was honored to present at his graveside, where his body will lie until raised incorruptible in that final day… John Daines Memorial, December 17, 2012 I am […]

A Great Example of a Good Man

This is an article that I wrote as I prepared for my grandfather’s funeral… Funerals are always a time of mourning the loss of a loved one. There is no avoiding the pain that comes with knowing that one that you hold so dear has gone to his eternal reward. However, the time of the […]

Letting Satan Win The Battle…

The New Testament pictures our daily life as a Christian as a spiritual battle.  In fact, the apostle Paul encourages us to put on and use the spiritual armor that God has provided so that we can defend ourselves against the fiery darts that Satan flings at us (Ephesians 6:10-20).  Satan, our foe, is diligent […]

Prayer: the Forgotten Blessing

I know of a brother who, when he prays, always thanks God for the “beautiful day” that we are having.  I have heard him say that in prayer on days that the rain was coming down in sheets, and the wind was howling so loud that it was difficult to hear.  Now, some may say […]

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