Presuming Too Much

There is an interesting passage that is found in the middle of the giving of the Old Law in Leviticus 24, in which a situation arose prior to God giving specific instruction on how to handle it (Leviticus 24:10-23). A young man, who was the son of an Egyptian man and an Israelite woman, blasphemed […]

Ezekiel’s Responsibilities…

The first three chapters of the book of Ezekiel chronicle Ezekiel’s commissioning by God to be a prophet. There are some interesting parallels that can be drawn between Ezekiel’s responsibilities and the expectations that God has for His people today. There are also some interesting parallels between the people that Ezekiel was sent to prophesy to, and […]

The Stagnant in Spirit

As we have been studying Old Testament History, we have come to the time of the prophets. Recently, we have been looking at Zephaniah, and I noticed a particularly interesting verse. In chapter one, as Zephaniah rebuked the people of Judah for their disobedience before God, he expressed one condemnation that seems a bit different […]

Sold to Do Evil

As I was studying for our Old Testament History Bible class, I came across a very interesting verse that I have read before, but it never really struck me the same way before. In 1 Kings 21, the account of Ahab and Jezebel stealing the vineyard of Naboth is revealed. After Jezebel succeeded in having […]

Faltering Between Two Opinions

This evening in our Old Testament class, we will be studying what has become one of my favorite passages:  I Kings 18:17-40.  In 1 Kings 18:21, Elijah challenged the children of Israel.  He asked them how long they would falter between two opinions.  What “two opinions” where they faltering between?  Serving Jehovah God, or serving […]

But God Told Me…

There is an interesting account revealed for us in 1 Kings 13:1-34.  Jeroboam was given the northern kingdom of Israel following the division of the kingdom due to the sin of Solomon and the lack of wisdom on the part of his son Rehoboam.  Jeroboam had been promised the kingdom, comprised of 10 tribes, and […]

The Wisdom of Solomon

In 1 Kings 3:5-15, Solomon was given the opportunity to ask God for anything that he wanted. Most men would have requested some selfish thing: long life, exorbitant amounts of money, women, fame, etc. But, as we all know, Solomon asked for wisdom. The thought struck me as I was studying this passage today, that […]

A Man After God’s Own Heart

Last night we were studying about the early exploits of Saul as king over Israel.  It is amazing to watch the transition that takes place between when he is first introduced in scripture and just a couple of chapters later when he is acting in a rebellious manner against God’s will.  In 1 Samuel 9, […]

What Has God Done For You?

Today I have been studying for a class in Old Testament History that we have on Tuesday evenings.  We are currently studying through the time of the United Kingdom.  Tonight, we will be studying the account of the anointing of Saul as the king over Israel.  There are many different points that could be made, […]