Reading List

2011 Reading List…

Beilby, James (ed.)  and Paul Eddy (ed.).  Divine Foreknowledge.  Downer’s Grove, IL:  InterVarsity Press, 2001.

Butt, Kyle.  Behold!  The Word of God.  Montgomery, AL:  Apologetics Press, 2007.

Butt, Kyle and Eric Lyons.  Behold!  The Lamb of God. Montgomery, AL:  Apologetics Press, 2006.

Crozier, Edwin. Getting to Did. Streamside Supplies, 2011.

Lyons, Eric and Kyle Butt.  The Dinosaur Delusion.  Montgomery, AL:  Apologetics Press, 2008.

North, Stafford.  Evangelizing Your Community.  Nashville, TN:  21st Century Christian, 2007.

Richey, Frank.  Our Worship to God.  Florence, AL:  Cyprus Creek Book Company, 2008.

Richey, Frank.  Vignettes of Virtue.  Florence, AL:  Cyprus Creek Book Company, 2010.

Richey, Frank.  You Are Special to God.  Florence, AL:  Cyprus Creek Book Company, 2009.

Story, Dan.  Christianity on the Offensive.  Grand Rapids, MI:  Kregel Publications, 1998.

The truth is, I just don’t like reading very much.  I have been in the habit of only reading books that directly pertain to whatever subject I happen to be studying at the time.  This year (2010), I am trying to change that.  I have been trying to read more on topics that interest me.  I am trying to focus on non-fiction works, that will hopefully help me in my work.  Perhaps these works will also help you to find useful material in your studies.  To that end, I am putting my reading list on here, to help me keep track of what I am reading, and to provide a record for myself…at least as long as this blog remains intact!

2010 List…

Berkley, Warren (ed.).  Behind the Preacher’s Door. Summitville, IN:  Spiritbuilding Publishing, 2009.

Bowers, Morris.  Secular Humanism:  The Official Religion of the United States of America.  Baltimore:  Publish America, 2007.

Chappelear, Floyd.  The Men Who Have Molded Me.  Malta, Ohio:  Sentry Publishing, 2009.

Dehoff, George.  Alleged Bible Contradictions Explained.  Murfreesboro, Tennessee:  Dehoff Christian Bookstore, 1996.

Hailey, Homer.  A Commentary on the Minor Prophets.  Louisville, Kentucky:  Religious Supply, 1993.

Harrub, Brad; Thompson, Bert.  The Truth About Human Origins.  Montgomery, Alabama:  Apologetics Press, 2003.

Jackson, Wayne; Lyons, Eric; Butt, Kyle.  Surveying the Evidence.  Montgomery, Alabama:  Apologetics Press, 2008.

Lightfoot, Neil.  Everyone’s Guide to Hebrews.  Grand Rapids, Michigan:  Baker Books, 2002.

Lyons, Eric.  The Anvil Rings:  Answers to Alleged Bible Discrepancies, Volume 1.  Montgomery, Alabama:  Apologetics Press, 2003.

Strobel, Lee.  The Case For Christ.  Grand Rapids, Michigan:  Zondervan, 1998

Thompson, Bert.  Creation Compromises:  2nd Edition.  Montgomery, Alabama:  Apologetics Press, 2000.

Thompson, Bert.  The Scientific Case for Creation, Third Revised Edition.  Montgomery, Alabama:  Apologetics Press, 2004.