“But My Church Teaches…”

Many Bible studies end in disagreement, with one participant declaring: “I see what you are saying, but my church teaches…” I have heard such declarations when it comes to obedience, roles in the church, work of the church, and many other topics. In such cases, the church is set forth as a source of authority. […]

Jesus Is My Lord!

In today’s world of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), it is easy to have a shallow faith. Every day we read posts from various people declaring their faith in Christ through attractive slogans, pictures with catchy captions, and quoted verses often without any context. Unfortunately, for many people this type of superficial faith is […]

Selling “Our” Church…

Sometimes, in our zeal for evangelism, we attempt to sell people on “our church.” This approach not only fosters the un-biblical denominational concept of the church, but takes the emphasis of the church of God and places it on man’s desires. While this has become the de facto approach for most denominations, is it really […]

Who Are My Mother and My Brothers?

This morning in our Adult Bible Study, we are planning to study a couple of the teachings of Jesus in the gospel of Mark. One interesting passage, that I believe needs to be given more study by many in the Lord’s church is found in Mark 3:31-35. As Jesus was teaching, His mother and brothers […]

One Church Is As Good As Another

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to visit a gospel meeting and hear Paul Casebolt present a lesson on the church.  He made a point in the sermon in a way I had never really thought of before.  It made me think about how many people approach the task of “picking a […]