Reading Isaiah: Chapters 1-2

As the book of Isaiah begins, it is clear that the people of Judah are under the condemnation of God. They had been rebellious against God, rejecting His instructions for them. They were continuing to offer some sacrifice to Him, but they were not truly serving Him. Consider the description given through Isaiah of these […]

I Gave It Up For Lent…

I am amazed at this time of year, how many people I see giving something up “for Lent”. I’m not talking about those who are Catholics, who have Lent as a part of their religious beliefs. I am talking about members of the Lord’s church!  And yet, they see no problem with the practice. Wikipedia […]

Faltering Between Two Opinions

This evening in our Old Testament class, we will be studying what has become one of my favorite passages:  I Kings 18:17-40.  In 1 Kings 18:21, Elijah challenged the children of Israel.  He asked them how long they would falter between two opinions.  What “two opinions” where they faltering between?  Serving Jehovah God, or serving […]

Being Dedicated…

We often talk about being dedicated to God. But when it comes down to application, how often are we truly dedicated to Him?  Far too often, our dedication is limited by our own weaknesses. We allow the world to dictate what is classified as “dedication” and then only hold ourselves accountable to that standard. For […]