Selling “Our” Church…

Sometimes, in our zeal for evangelism, we attempt to sell people on “our church.” This approach not only fosters the un-biblical denominational concept of the church, but takes the emphasis of the church of God and places it on man’s desires. While this has become the de facto approach for most denominations, is it really […]

What Will It Take To Stop Evil?

This week, like most people in America, I have been disturbed by the news story out of Newtown, Connecticut. A maniacal gunman walked into an elementary school, opened fire with a gun, and killed 27 people, 20 of which were children. We should be angry that this kind of despicable thing should ever happen! In […]

Ezekiel’s Responsibilities…

The first three chapters of the book of Ezekiel chronicle Ezekiel’s commissioning by God to be a prophet. There are some interesting parallels that can be drawn between Ezekiel’s responsibilities and the expectations that God has for His people today. There are also some interesting parallels between the people that Ezekiel was sent to prophesy to, and […]

But God Told Me…

There is an interesting account revealed for us in 1 Kings 13:1-34.  Jeroboam was given the northern kingdom of Israel following the division of the kingdom due to the sin of Solomon and the lack of wisdom on the part of his son Rehoboam.  Jeroboam had been promised the kingdom, comprised of 10 tribes, and […]

The Need for Evangelism

When the idea of evangelism is introduced, many people think about religious organizations such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Mormons.   These religious bodies are very zealous in spreading the message of their belief system.  Unfortunately, those with truth (the actual teaching of scripture) are not nearly as zealous in teaching.  This leads to many […]