Evolution’s Unscientific Language

Today I have been working on some class material that my dad, David Brewer, is going to be putting out soon.  It has to do with Evolution, and helps to expose some of the doctrine that is taught to almost every child in the public school system today. One thing in particular is standing out […]

The Evolution of Sex

First, if you came here by way of a search engine looking for something inappropriate, you are going to be disappointed.  However, if that was your path to find this blog, take some time and read a few posts…maybe you will find something far more beneficial to you!  Unfortunately, the subject matter of this post […]

Mocking Religion

Recently, I have been reading The Truth About Human Origins by Brad Harrub and Bert Thompson.  One thing that I have noticed is how members of the “scientific community” are not satisfied with trying to prove their own hypotheses, but instead feel the need to mock those with whom they disagree.  Let me give you […]