My Feet Had Almost Stumbled…

Asaph, in Psalm 73, identified what may be one of the difficult realizations of the righteous:  Life is not fair! He wrote of his experiences, looking around the life he was living, to see the wicked and how they prospered. It was easy for him to grow envious of these wicked people, as it appeared […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 31-33

Failure to Trust in the Lord… One problem that the people of Israel had, time and again throughout their history, was that they looked to the other nations around them when they were being oppressed, instead of looking to the Lord. The most egregious offense was when they would turn to Egypt, as they had […]

Faith That Cannot Save

As I study the Bible with people of all religious backgrounds, one recurring theme usually enters into the discussion: “We are saved by faith alone!” This is an idea that stems from the aversion that so many people have developed to the idea that God expects us (as His creation) to actually do something before […]