School Shootings: What is at the Heart?

I have been reading, with great interest, the coverage and responses to the recent school shooting in Florida. I am appalled that a person could be so calloused as to enter a place like that to kill and maim fellow students and faculty. One thing that I believe everyone agrees with: we need to do […]

Wisdom Devotional: Day 5

Here is day 5 of the 365 Days of Wisdom devotionals. You can click on the page below to enlarge and/or download to read later!                                

Truly, God is Good…

Truly God is good to Israel, To such as are pure in heart. (Psalm 73:1) As I begin this article, I believe it is imperative to convey to you, dear reader, that this is a much more “personal” article than I would normally pen. However, the events of the last couple of weeks in the […]

The Time We Have Left…

In Isaiah 38, it is recorded that the king of Judah, Hezekiah, was near to death. In fact, Isaiah the prophet was sent to him by the Lord to declare that his death was imminent and that he should get his affairs in order. Such news must have been quite distressing to Hezekiah! His reaction […]

Putting God First…

I was reminded today, by a post made by a friend of mine on Facebook, just how important it is to teach our children that God always comes first. It seems to me that there are more and more excuses that people in general make, and especially parents, that reflect that God is not truly […]

Whom Should a Christian Marry?

As an evangelist, I often have discussions with young people about the relationships that they are involved in, whether it be friendships or dating. As I am now the “old guy” in these discussions, I have often run into disagreements with these young folks. The question often comes up: Is it ok for us to […]

Value Your Reputation When Dating

Recently, we’ve been studying the Family in our Adult Bible Study. Last week, we started discussing the subject of Preparing for Marriage. One section that I wrote concerning this topic had to do with valuing and protecting reputations. Consider: Value your reputation. One who values his reputation will not put himself (or a young lady […]

Teaching Kids About Marriage…

Recently, I have been trying to put some material together for our Adult Bible Study on the Family. While re-reading Irven Lee’s Good Homes in a Wicked World (which if you don’t have, you should get),  I came across a couple of interesting quotes that made me really sit up and pay attention. The first […]

God Hates Divorce!

I have been studying Malachi 2:10-17 for our adult Bible class on Sunday.  It is amazing to me to study these problems among God’s people so long ago, and realize that people have not changed much over the last 2500 years!  Malachi presents lessons (perhaps more than any other “minor” prophet) that can be applied […]

Santa Clause is Watching You!

As I was leaving the kids’ soccer game yesterday I saw two small boys get into a little scrap.  One pushed the other, and they were ready to have a fight over some small disagreement.  The father of one of the boys grabbed them by the shoulders and to break their fighting said, “You know […]

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