Reading Isaiah: Chapters 44-45

The God of Prophecy… In the broader context, going back at least to chapter 39, Isaiah proclaimed the futility of idols. In chapter 44, that idea is made very clear. There, Isaiah spoke of how a man can cut down a tree, use part of it to warm himself, part of it to cook over, […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 42-43

Evidence of the Lord… For all the bad that has been exposed concerning the children of Israel throughout the book of Isaiah, God had still presented them with plenty of opportunity to know Him, and to repent of their evil deeds. In fact, there could be no doubt that Jehovah was there, and that he […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 39-41

The Futility of Idols… There is much written by Isaiah concerning the futility of idols. In the reading for today, there is a long discourse of the superiority of God over the idols, a principle that the people of Israel should have been able to see by even a cursory glance into their own history!  […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 37-38

The Prayers of Hezekiah… In Isaiah 37 and 38, Hezekiah faced two different crises. In chapter 37, Hezekiah was challenged by the enemies of Israel. He received a threatening letter, which blasphemed the Lord. The response of Hezekiah is recorded by Isaiah: And Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers, and read […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 34-36

The Highway of Holiness… In Isaiah chapter 35, in the midst of a messianic prophecy, Isaiah spoke of the time when great things were going to happen. Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, And the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then the lame shall leap like a deer, And the […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 31-33

Failure to Trust in the Lord… One problem that the people of Israel had, time and again throughout their history, was that they looked to the other nations around them when they were being oppressed, instead of looking to the Lord. The most egregious offense was when they would turn to Egypt, as they had […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 29-30

Rejecting the Truth… During Isaiah’s time, he had the unenviable task of writing to an obstinate and rebellious people. They were rejecting every prophecy that was sent by the Lord, looking instead for a message that would make them feel good about their standing. They didn’t want to make any changes in their lives, but […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 26-28

When We Need God… I used to read Reader’s Digest quite regularly. One regular feature in that magazine was a “this happened to me” type column (I can’t recall the actual name of the column). One thing stood out to me as I would read this column from month to month. The person that the […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 23-25

The State of the Earth…   Far too many people become attached to what they have here on this earth. They are consumed by materialism, as well as coveteousness and greed. Some people are completely consumed with the physical form of the earth itself. Environmentalists are determined to save everything about this planet. There are […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 19-22

Rejecting God’s Call to Repent… Much of the book of Isaiah centers on the judgment that God would bring upon the nations, including the nation of Israel. God’s address to Israel stands out as being different than his condemnation of the other nations because He provided a plea for repentance. God’s desire was for His […]

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