God’s Justice and Mercy

There seems to be a common misconception regarding the nature and characteristics of God when viewed in the Old Testament as opposed to the New Testament. Many seem to believe that the God of the Old Testament was a vengeful, punishing God, bent only on justice. They also believe that the God of the New […]

Was Paul the Worst Sinner Ever?

This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. (1 Timothy 1:15) Much has been made of Paul’s statement in this verse, identifying himself as chief among sinners. Many use the fact that Paul used the present tense, even […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 23-25

The State of the Earth…   Far too many people become attached to what they have here on this earth. They are consumed by materialism, as well as coveteousness and greed. Some people are completely consumed with the physical form of the earth itself. Environmentalists are determined to save everything about this planet. There are […]

Lessons From Lot…

As I have been reading from the book of Genesis over the last couple of days, several thoughts occurred to me. In Genesis 13, Abraham and Lot separated from one another, with Lot choosing to move his family toward the city of Sodom. Abraham, in the meantime, moved toward the Oaks of Mamre, near Hebron,  and continued […]