Excuses for Immodesty

Spring seems to be the time that many people begin to take their clothes off and reveal their bodies to those around them. While this happens without thought among people who are worldly minded, it also happens among those who claim to be Christians. Many in this latter group will claim a belief in being […]

Actions Speak Louder than Words

When I logged on to Facebook today, a friend of mine had a very interesting post.  He said: The “Jesus,” “Church,” & “Bible” in your Likes & Interests are undermined by the spaghetti-strap you wear in your profile pic I have to give a hearty “Amen” to that!  This got me thinking about how we […]

Dressing to Profess Godliness

I’m sure that everyone else has noticed what I have noticed. The weather has been warming up and the clothing has been coming off. It has become painfully obvious that our society has regressed to be just like the Israelites. Twice Jeremiah says that the people of his day had forgotten how to blush (Jeremiah […]