Wisdom Devotional: Day 3

Here is day 3 of the Wisdom Devotionals.                                

What Are You Worried About?

Recently, my right eye has been twitching. Not just your typical little muscular twitch that occurs now and then, but an aggravating, frequent twitch that sometimes persists for several minutes. A quick perusal of WebMD.com might turn up any number of diagnoses for this malady. In reality, I am pretty sure I know what is […]

Putting God First…

I was reminded today, by a post made by a friend of mine on Facebook, just how important it is to teach our children that God always comes first. It seems to me that there are more and more excuses that people in general make, and especially parents, that reflect that God is not truly […]

When God’s Justice Is Served

Is that what we have in the death of Osama Bin Laden? The evidence is in – Osama Bin Laden was a sinner. He was a man who waged war and was not above plotting to kill thousands of innocents (non-combatants) in his pursuit of Jihad. He believed his god wanted him to engage in […]

Who Are My Mother and My Brothers?

This morning in our Adult Bible Study, we are planning to study a couple of the teachings of Jesus in the gospel of Mark. One interesting passage, that I believe needs to be given more study by many in the Lord’s church is found in Mark 3:31-35. As Jesus was teaching, His mother and brothers […]

Influenced By the World

We often preach and teach against the threat of Christians being influenced by the world.  But, I wonder how often we are influenced without even noticing?  Some instances, of course, are quite obvious.  When we slip and use profanity, or when we tell an off color joke, it is pretty evident that we are allowing […]