Eschewing Sin

Repentance seems to be an evil word (or at least an evil concept) in today’s religious world. One cannot talk about what practices need to be removed from the life of another without being accused of judging…and we all know that Jesus said that you should not judge! While a further discussion of Matthew 7:1-2 […]

Faith That Cannot Save

As I study the Bible with people of all religious backgrounds, one recurring theme usually enters into the discussion: “We are saved by faith alone!” This is an idea that stems from the aversion that so many people have developed to the idea that God expects us (as His creation) to actually do something before […]

Why Won’t You Listen?

One of the challenges of teaching the gospel message is convincing people that they need to actually respond to the message that was delivered by God. There are many who are convinced that they have been obedient, but in reality they have failed to listen to the message that God has sent. They are very […]