Truth is not Like a Litter of Puppies

Recently, I was watching a TV show that had an interesting interaction between two of the characters. One said something to the effect of, “Maybe this is his truth. It might not be your truth, or mine, but it has become his reality.” To this, the second character responded, “Truth is not like a litter […]

Reading Isaiah: Chapters 29-30

Rejecting the Truth… During Isaiah’s time, he had the unenviable task of writing to an obstinate and rebellious people. They were rejecting every prophecy that was sent by the Lord, looking instead for a message that would make them feel good about their standing. They didn’t want to make any changes in their lives, but […]

“But My Church Teaches…”

Many Bible studies end in disagreement, with one participant declaring: “I see what you are saying, but my church teaches…” I have heard such declarations when it comes to obedience, roles in the church, work of the church, and many other topics. In such cases, the church is set forth as a source of authority. […]